Inocculta is not dead

Gli amanti della Nera Fiamma avranno pieno spazio per esprimersi sulla loro musica e su ciò che la riguarda. Perchè il black metal non è solo un genere: è un movimento!

Inocculta is not dead

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Inocculta is not dead. During one year, we sailed into troubled waters: line-up, rehearsal room, timetable problems. This series of problems would have been fatal for a large majority of bands. Today, these events are behind us. Michel Lesens joined Inocculta as a guitarist and we rehearse in a new room to go back on stage as soon as possible.

Regarding our first album "Before Withering", it was relegated in the background during this period of troubles. From now on, we wish to devote ourselves to its artwork and promotion. That is why we are actively trying to find a graphics artist. If some of you feel motivated by this task, fell free to let us know.

You can listen to two samples from the album on our myspace: "Vertige" and "Amor Fati". Both songs show what Inocculta has become: a band that tries to combine the melodic strength of rock to the power of metal in order to create a music devoid of barriers. Be a little patient, we will not delay to get back on track...
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